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Pension funds in growth markets flock to equities, Mercer says

(June 11): Pension funds in growing economies in Asia, Latin America and the Middle East have a sharply higher percentage of assets parked in stocks, just at a time when trade tensions threaten to derail markets.

c in 14 geographies now allocate 40% of their assets to equities, an 8 percentage-point climb over the past five years, according to a Mercer LLC survey released Tuesday that canvassed government, corporate and mandatory pension funds with almost US$5 trillion ($6.8 trillion) in assets under management. That compares with about 25% for pension funds in Europe.

Singapore's CPF ranked 9th pension fund in the world

SINGAPORE (Sept 3): Singapore’s Central Provident Fund ranked 9th in the global provision fund, according to the latest global 300 research from Willis Towers Watson’s Thinking Ahead Institute.

The city state maintained its position from the previous year with its assets amounting to US$269.1 billion ($369 billion).

This year, Asia featured prominently with a total of seven pension funds in the top 20. Apart from Singapore, Japan’s Government Pension Investment also maintained its top spot with its assets totalling US$1.44 trillion.

US$9.1 bil Korean fund eyes Europe student housing

SEOUL (Sept 29): Student housing in Europe and Australian infrastructure are luring global funds out of their comfort zone, as a South Korean manager of local government employee savings joins peers around the world getting creative overseas in search of better returns.

Everyone's a net seller of Japanese stocks this year: analyst


TOKYO (March 23): Don’t believe Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s global fund manager survey, which shows that Japan is the second-most popular equity market, says Jonathan Allum, a strategist at SMBC Nikko Capital Markets Ltd.

A look under the hood shows a different story. Everyone from foreigners to local individuals and trust banks are net sellers of Japanese stocks this year, the London-based Allum wrote, citing Japan Exchange Group Inc. data. It suggests, he says, that “global investors are bears in bulls’ clothing.”

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