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AUM for world's top 20 pension funds decline for first time in 7 years

SINGAPORE (Sept 2): Assets under management (AUM) at the world’s 300 largest pension funds dropped in value by 0.4% to US$18 trillion, as compared to a 15.1% increase in 2017, according to the latest World 300 research from the Thinking Ahead Institute.

World's biggest pension fund has best performance in 2 years

From Bloomberg

(July 7): The world’s biggest pension fund posted its best annual gain in two years, as Japanese and overseas stocks rose while government bonds slid.

Australia's biggest pension fund mulls US infrastructure buys

SYDNEY (April 11): President Donald Trump’s plan to fix America’s crumbling infrastructure with US$1 trillion ($1.4 trillion) of private and public investment over a decade is drawing interest from 10,000 miles away.

AustralianSuper Pty, Australia’s biggest pension fund with over A$100 billion ($105.5 billion) in assets, is eyeing the US market for infrastructure debt and equity investment prospects, said Mark Delaney, its Melbourne-based chief investment officer.

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