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The Edge Singapore launches the all-new Brokers' Digest LIVE webcast series

This Brokers’ Digest LIVE webcast series, to be aired on TES’ Facebook Live, provides a catch up before the opening bell on the US market.


Indonesia imposes 10% VAT on tech firms

This follows changing patterns of state finances from Covid-19, which has hit state coffers.

Things to do

Your Week In

If the Covid-19 outbreak is getting you down, we’re here to give you ideas on how to make the best of these tough times.

Buy right

Buy right

Retail therapy for this week

Things to do

Your Week Out

Laugh out loud with Singapore’s most irreverent comedian, or witness feminine fury on stage. Otherwise, sit in front of the TV to catch Korean zombies or head out to watch a movie about the awesome power of Mother Nature. The choice is yours.

Things to do

Your Week Out

SINGAPORE (Feb 14): The weekend is time to kick back, relax and recharge. Instead of heading outside this week, why not try these cosy indoor activities?
how to buy stocks in the US market

Investing 101

How to buy stocks in the US market

Buying US stocks isn’t that complicated, but there are certain things you will need to take note of before putting your money in.

Tong's Portfolio

A layman's guide to investing in tech companies

SINGAPORE (Oct 14): Investors on Wall Street are clearly losing appetite for overhyped loss-making technology companies with uncertain business models and unclear paths to profitability. The disaster surrounding WeWork’s planned and now-aborted IPO is t


Is aggregator Roku the best way to play streaming?

SINGAPORE (Sept 16): Where might investors find more value in technology? In software or hardware? In a creator of original content or an aggregator? Conventional wisdom is that software, particularly one offered on a subscription basis, where sellers rel

Company in the news

Netflix plunges after biggest stumble in streaming era

(July 22): Netflix shocked investors by reporting a drop in US customers and much slower growth overseas, raising fears that the streaming giant is losing momentum just as competitors prepare to pounce. The shares plunged 11% to about US$323 in pre-mar