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Netflix estimates 'Squid Game' will be worth almost US$900 million

"Netflix has found a sound and profitable strategy with its content internationalization efforts."
New world order for tech and media giants - THE EDGE SINGAPORE


New world order for tech and media giants

The global media war is about playing catch-up with Netflix as no one watches free-to-air broadcast TV or cable or Pay TV anymore.
We are not in a bubble yet - THE EDGE SINGAPORE

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We are not in a bubble yet

Unlike the dotcom crash, cash burn is not a problem today as tech firms have used the exuberant stock markets like a cash machine.
Tech trends to watch in 2021 - THE EDGE SINGAPORE


Tech trends to watch in 2021

After a crazy year, tech companies now has a tough act to follow. Here are the key things you need to watch this year.

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All eyes on me

At its core, US media services provider Netflix is about quality entertainment and making its customers happy. In an exclusive interview, co-founder, chairman and CEO Reed Hastings talks about his appetite as a tech entrepreneur, what powers the company f

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Putting on a black turtleneck does not make one Steve Jobs

(Sept 2): The Walt Disney Co’s share price came under some selling pressure in recent weeks, after earnings in the latest quarter fell short of market expectations.

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Tech companies, network effect, universal apps: Where the future and the past are different, yet similar

SINGAPORE (Apr 29): A significant portion of the value we have seen created in technology has been credited to the network effect (or positive feedback loop) associated with digital platforms. Think Facebook, Apple,, Google (owned by Alphabet),


Tech's US$900 bil rout is price of earnings becoming ordinary

(Oct 11): Investors enamoured of tech stocks that suddenly seem only to fall are searching for answers. The simplest may be that the group just isn’t that special anymore.

Netflix adds a third more subscribers than expected; shares jump 8%

BENGALURU (Jan 19): Streaming video pioneer Netflix Inc added over a third more subscribers than expected in the last quarter of 2016, a sign of success for its ambitious global expansion that sent its shares up 8% in extended trading.

Netflix subscriptions boom around world, shares jump 20%

BENGALURU (Oct 18): Netflix Inc added over 50% more subscribers than expected in the third quarter as original shows such as "Stranger Things" drew new international viewers and kept US customers despite a price hike, sending its shares soaring 20