US-China trade war

China, US to hold trade talks 'in October' as mistrust remains

(Sept 5): China and the US announced that face-to-face negotiations aimed at ending their tariff war will be held in Washington in the coming weeks, amid skepticism on both sides that any substantive progress can be made.

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US-China trade talks grind to a halt

WASHINGTON (July 12): High-level trade talks between the US and China have ground to a halt as the Trump administration threatens to escalate a trade war that shows little sign of abating, according to five people familiar with the matter.
Theresa May

Global Markets

What to expect in UK markets when May pulls Brexit trigger

LONDON (March 14): The trigger of Article 50 is the event traders have been waiting for since the UK voted to leave the European Union. Yet as Prime Minister Theresa May approaches her end-March deadline for launching Brexit, there is no consensus on what


7 ways Brexit will stir markets in the years to come: BNP Paribas

SINGAPORE (June 28): BNP Paribas’ economic research department has revised its forecasts down by about 0.3pp this year and almost 1.5pp for 2017, with additional expectations of 2018 growth to be “marginally lower than previously assumed”, as the le