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Why India's Adani Group is too big to fail

With the reopening of China and growing global interest in Indonesia and Vietnam, investors have other options
Fresh Off The Block: Indian PM Modi hacked with bitcoin tweet and more - THE EDGE SINGAPORE


Fresh Off The Block: Indian PM Modi hacked with bitcoin tweet and more

Tether adopted as official government currency, while IMF urges need for global crypto regulatory framework
Why Indian stocks are poised for post-Covid growth - THE EDGE SINGAPORE

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Why Indian stocks are poised for post-Covid growth

Many of the companies in India are still relatively small, meaning there is a lot of scope for growth.

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What do Vladimir Putin of Russia, Narendra Modi of India and Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil have in common with Donald Trump?

Palm oil

US$1.4 bil of Malaysian palm oil caught in crossfire as Mahathir angers India

Tensions between the two countries began in September when Mahathir told the United Nations that India “invaded and occupied” Kashmir and later criticized India’s citizenship amendment act.


Tantallon India Fund: Trade, Iran sanctions, Indian budget weighed on performance

(July 15): The Tantallon India Fund closed 0.19% lower in June, with anxiety over multiple trade conflicts, heightened concerns over a potential military conflict with Iran and expectations of a more populist tilt in the Indian Budget keeping investors on


Modi's decisive victory to catalyse investment cycle, accelerate reform

(June 17): The Tantallon India Fund closed up 3.14% in May, rebounding sharply off mid-May jitters, buoyed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s decisive mandate in the general election. Amid stark geopolitical uncertainty, and the growing risk of protracte

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SINGAPORE (May 27): “We believe that the president of the US is engaged in a cover-up.” — US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, following a meeting with other Democratic Party leaders on whether or not to impeach US President Donald Trump.


This is Modi's India now

SINGAPORE (May 27): After a long and arduous election, India’s 879 million voters have spoken. And, if not with one voice, then close to it. The Bharatiya Janata Party of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been handed another historic mandate.

India-Singapore futures fight a 'concern' for MSCI's CEO

(May 24): The chief executive officer of MSCI Inc., one of the world’s biggest index compilers, said his firm is “concerned, quite a lot” about the dispute between exchanges in India and Singapore that threatens a popular offshore futures contract.