Finding her inner song

Despite having travelled the world and achieved global acclaim, for violin prodigy Tang Tee Khoon, home is Singapore, where her heart and music remains.

Things to do

Your Week Out

SINGAPORE (Feb 21): New exhibitions, fresh takes on classical music to powerful tipples, we round up the most exciting events you need to know about.

Things to do

Your Week Out

SINGAPORE (Jan 24): Here are our top picks things to do in the weeks ahead: 

Things to do

Your Week Out

SINGAPORE (JAN 10): It’s the Singapore Art Week and here are more highlights from the art event of the year:
Fresh songs — 2019 was full of them. These are among the tunes that kept us humming.


Amazing Soundtracks

SINGAPORE (Dec 27): Fresh songs — 2019 was full of them. These are among the tunes that kept us humming.

Special Event

The unforgettable unicorn

SINGAPORE (Nov 4): In the music business, superstars often make the news for their misadventures, bust-ups and inglorious exits as much as they do for their music. So often, in fact, that fans expect an ugly split before a latter-day reunion (read: The Ea

Special Event

Westlife makes a comeback in Singapore, after nearly 20 years

SINGAPORE (Aug 15): One of the biggest boy band acts of yesteryear, Westlife, proved that they still had the vocals and the moves to match, as they thrilled and wooed a 20,000-strong crowd at the National Stadium last Saturday, 10 August. The performance

The Hot 100 list for 2018

SINGAPORE (Dec 31): Every year, we carefully curate the most sought-after items on the market. Audrey Simon, Michelle Zhu, Benjamin Cher, Sunita Sue Leng and Justin Harper highlight 2018’s favourites.


Venturing into Vietnam

SINGAPORE (Nov 5): It was love at first sight for Lang Lang when he purchased his first Hublot in Monte Carlo seven years ago. The Chinese classical music superstar was on vacation and enjoying afternoon tea at a hotel with his mother and a few friends wh


The dream weaver

SINGAPORE (Oct 29):  When Swiss watchmaker Corum wanted to introduce its very first friend of the brand in Singapore, it did so in an unconventional way. Instead of a cocktail party, the media and invited guests were made to weave. Yes, weave! Not with s