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India Index boasts third-highest IT exposure among emerging markets, with few state-owned names: MSCI

Since 2000, the MSCI India Index has provided higher risk-adjusted returns versus the MSCI Emerging Markets Index.
Temasek stays the course as portfolio value hits record - THE EDGE SINGAPORE

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Temasek stays the course as portfolio value hits record

How would Temasek forge ahead under Pillay’s leadership?

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Seek shelter from economic headwinds in stable Singapore stocks, says OCBC

While the S&P 500 fell 6.7% from its September peak, the STI only lost 2% due to its lower exposure to technology stocks.


Are epidemics good for financial markets?

SINGAPORE (Feb 21): It is interesting human behaviour, when a major news event occurs, to see people clamour to make predictions about what the impact will be as well as where markets and economies will go. Many get suckered into reading these so-called e

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Passive ETFs aren’t all bad

SINGAPORE (Nov 11): The US stock market rally following Trump’s successful presidential bid may be an anomaly by historical standards, but it also means investors can start to look for investment options with US exposure.

Time for caution, warns BlackRock

SINGAPORE (June 1): BlackRock has downgraded global equities to "neutral". The growing likelihood of an imminent Fed rate increase and more elevated US valuations warrant short-term caution, says the world’s largest money manager.