Singapore Nifty contract trading to continue pending arbitration

SINGAPORE (June 16): Singapore Exchange and National Stock Exchange of India will have to remain partners for a little longer than both anticipated.

India-Singapore futures fight a 'concern' for MSCI's CEO

(May 24): The chief executive officer of MSCI Inc., one of the world’s biggest index compilers, said his firm is “concerned, quite a lot” about the dispute between exchanges in India and Singapore

Investing strategy

Old Wall Street strategies are now hugely profitable in China

HONG KONG (Apr 18): Stock pickers may have to reconsider the way they think about China.

MSCI, India's Singapore ban just handed you a big whip

(Feb 13): Move over, China. After much coaxing and cajoling, MSCI Inc. has given that country what it craved: an inclusion of Chinese A shares into its globally tracked benchmarks.


It’s decision time for MSCI as global stock rally bypasses China

HONG KONG (June 20): China’s fourth attempt at cracking into MSCI Inc.’s benchmark share indexes comes with its best chance of success -- and the least at stake.

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