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Home for the Holidays

With all that has happened in 2020, there doesn’t seem to have any chances for the traditional Christmas gatherings this year.

Rolex has, for decades, played a role in many screen gems. But the truth is, these watches are as iconic as  the movies or the actors.


The art of storytelling

SINGAPORE (May 8): Movies transport us to a magical world where we indulge in our fantasies or discover new and faraway lands or take us on a trip to the future.


Silver screen gems

SINGAPORE (Apr 17): You have been channel surfing but noth

Things to do

Your Week Out

SINGAPORE (March 20): This week, embark on a culinary adventure with Singapore Restaurant Week, or check out the Asian Civilisations Museum’s newly-opened permanent gallery on the third flo


From between the pages to Hollywood

SINGAPORE (Feb 21): If you’re still not over the Oscars fever quite yet, why not read (or re-read) some award-winning book-to-movie adaptations? Here are our top five favourites.

Things to do

Your Week Out

SINGAPORE (Feb 14): The weekend is time to kick back, relax and recharge. Instead of heading outside this week, why not try these cosy indoor activities?


Special Feature

What We Watched

Here are the movies that made us laugh, cry and gasp this year.


Things to do

Things to do

SINGAPORE (Sept 30): At the movies

Investing strategy

Financier for 'Joker' has made movies into ultimate yield play

(Sept 9): Jason Cloth manages risk in his film-financing business just like he did as an investment banker, scrutinising deals with one big question in mind: “How do I not get screwed?”

Things to do

Things to do

SINGAPORE (July 22): At the movies