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Markets maintain confidence in Indonesia's unorthodox direct financing scheme for now

BNP Paribas warns however that a material increase in the use of such policies in EMs could see considerable currency weakness.

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Tharman shares hard truths to keep the post-Covid economy going

The Senior Minister is worried about prolonged expansionary policy and threats to emerging markets.

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MAS eases monetary policy as Singapore heads into a recession

“GDP growth will eventually recover following the abrupt downshift in the level of activity, but there is significant uncertainty over the depth and duration of this recession,” says MAS.

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MAS likely to ease monetary policy as Singapore edges towards first full-year recession since 2001: Morgan Stanley

Analysts at Morgan Stanley have issued a dire warning for the small and open city-state: A full-year GDP contraction is in the pipeline for the first time since 2001.


Covid-19 outbreak: What now for regional economies?

The critical need when economies suffer a shock like this is to ensure that the initial shock is not amplified and that there are sufficient shock absorbers in the system to mute the initial impact.

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Singapore dollar could tumble to 2017 low as potential policy easing looms

The currency dropped to a four-month low earlier this month after the MAS said there was room within its exchange-rate band to accommodate currency weakness to counter the economic fallout of the disease.

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Government, economists slash growth forecasts as coronavirus outbreak threatens to send Singapore into recession

The way economists see it, the coronavirus outbreak is not unlike a kick in the knees for Singapore, which had been just about showing signs of regaining its footing.

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Singapore's central bankers may know something we don't: Daniel Moss

(Oct 15): Singapore offers a small ray of light in a faltering global economy.

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MAS eases monetary policy 'slightly' for first time in 3 years

SINGAPORE (Oct 14): The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has eased the monetary policy “slightly” – the first easing in over three years – amid slowing economic growth.

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Singapore central bank is set to join global policy easing tide

(Oct 11): Singapore’s central bank will probably ease monetary policy for the first time in more than three years as a global slowdown continues to weigh on the export-reliant economy.