Thailand’ ‘super-baht’ may be too strong for its own good

BANGKOK (June 30): Two decades ago, Thailand became ground zero of the Asia financial crisis, when its government scrapped a dollar peg with the baht, a devaluation that unleashed a wave of speculative attacks on other regional currencies and shook the global economy. Now, the baht is again posing challenges for Thailand--but this time because it may be too strong.

Here are the 2 biggest external risks to Singapore for 2017

SINGAPORE (Dec 13): Maybank Kim Eng foresees a tough year ahead for Singapore amid weak global growth and challenges buffeting its key financial services, property and energy-related sectors.

In a Tuesday report, Maybank analyst Neel Sinha has forecast a 1.8% gross domestic product growth for 2017, which is on the lower end of the 1% to 3% range forecast by the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

As it stands, retail sales have been hit by poor consumer sentiment and a slowdown in tourism growth. Fortunately, domestic liquidity remains healthy and unemployment is also low.

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