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SGX RegCo to scrutinise reappointment of Shanghai Turbo Enterprise's ED Liu Ming - THE EDGE SINGAPORE

Regulatory Action

SGX RegCo to scrutinise reappointment of Shanghai Turbo Enterprise's ED Liu Ming

SGX RegCo is also requiring an independent professional to be appointed by May 18 to undertake an independent review of Liu
The scandal of S-chips - THE EDGE SINGAPORE

1000th issue

The scandal of S-chips

Unfortunately, even after these years, reports of S-chips getting into trouble still crop up occasionally

Management & Corporate Governance

Singapore authorities to continue investigation of key Midas personnel amid winding-up woes

SINGAPORE (April 2): Singapore’s authorities say they will continue their investigation into Midas Holdings’ former directors and officers in the event that the insolvent company winds up.

Management & Corporate Governance

Facing insolvency with no rescuer in sight, Midas says likely to be liquidated

SINGAPORE (Apr 1): Midas Holdings, which entered into judicial management and is the target of a police probe after the discovery of financial irregularities in early 2018, warned shareholders the group will likely be liquidated when ordered to by the cou

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Real representation of investors required

SINGAPORE (Dec 3): In 2015, the Securities Investors Association (Singapore) helped commodities trader Noble Group organise two shareholder meetings: one was a pre-annual general meeting session; the other was for the purposes of “shareholder communicat

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Exceptionalism has no comparison

SINGAPORE (Nov 23): For decades, Singapore has thrived on the idea that it is, in a word, exceptional. “We are a small country in this part of the world and to survive, you have to be exceptional,” Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said at a May Day Rall

Management & Corporate Governance

Midas claims possible forgery, insubstantial evidence presented at first hearing in Jilin

SINGAPORE (July 5): New evidence of alleged fraud has been presented against Midas Holdings by Jilin Provincial Micro Refinancing Corp in the first hearing which took place on June 26 in the Jilin High People’s Court.  

Management & Corporate Governance

Irregularities uncovered in Midas' Dalian subsidiary implicate former top executives

SINGAPORE (June 20): Midas Holdings said it has uncovered up to nine cases of irregularities involving nearly RMB 1 billion ($210 million) its Dalian subsidiary in China.

Management & Corporate Governance

Midas finds more evidence of round-tripping and unauthorised bank accounts by China subsidiaries

SINGAPORE (June 14): The board of Midas Holdings has found what could be evidence of more corporate malfeasance among its China-based subsidiaries.