Time for telecoms to pivot, unlock new opportunities

SINGAPORE (Apr 16): The impact of Covid-19 has rocked economies across the world, resulting in breathtaking stock market volatilities and creating remarkable challenges for societies.

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The end of the 11-year US bull market

SINGAPORE (Mar 13): Now we have it, the answer to the oft-asked question, “When will the longest-ever bull market in US history end?” 


Microsoft joins Apple, HP in scrapping outlooks on virus

(Feb 27): Microsoft Corp became the latest tech giant to reduce its quarterly outlook based on the outbreak of a novel coronavirus that’s slowing production of computers and crimping sales of an ar

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Economic and financial crashes, like taxes and death, are NOT inevitable

SINGAPORE (Feb 21): We are always told that we cannot escape taxes, death and economic and financial collapses. But are they, like gravity, truly a law of nature that cannot be overcome? 

how to buy stocks in the US market

Investing 101

How to buy stocks in the US market

SINGAPORE (Feb 5): Once you have gotten the hang of investing in the Singapore market and are looking to diversify your portfolio, the

Global Economy

Expand your horizons with global investments

(July 8): Take a minute to think about just how much technology has changed your life, in ways previously un-imaginable. The introduction of ride sharing was one such development.


Temasek-backed Impossible Foods to contest Bill Gates' Beyond Meat in Singapore

SINGAPORE (Mar 6): Starting today, blocks of Impossible Foods Inc.’s plant-based meat will be delivered to eight restaurants in Singapore to be made into a variety of cuisine from burgers and ‘meat


Nico Steel reports surge in 1H19 profit, ramps up production of proprietary metal alloys

SINGAPORE (Oct 15): Nico Steel Holdings, the specialist in ferrous and non-ferrous metal alloys, reported a higher y-o-y profit of US$121,000 ($166,833) for 1H19 compared to the US$1,000 in 1H18 on

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Future of work: Tech-enabled freedom

SINGAPORE (Aug 6): Imagine hosting an international business conference from a deck chair on a beach, through a laptop and virtual reality device.


KrisFlyer's miles-based digital wallet KrisPay launched

SINGAPORE (July 24): KrisPay, a collaborative effort between KPMG Digital Village, Singapore Airlines (SIA) and Microsoft, has launched today as the world’s first blockchain-based airline loyalty d

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