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The battle for TikTok has only just begun

The brouhaha over TikTok speaks to significant mistrust between Washington and Beijing

Digital Economy

Zuckerberg's Asia tour to range from AI to Ambani wedding party

Zuckerberg is tentatively scheduled to meet with South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol


The rise, fall and re-rise of Meta Platforms

After a spectacular earnings beat and a well-executed year of efficiency, what will Meta do for an encore?

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Meta's US$200 billion surge is biggest in stock market history

Meta, which reduced headcount by 22% in 2023, unveiled plans for a US$50 billion stock buyback

Digital Economy

Meta plans US$50 billion buyback in bid to win over investors

Meta’s move sends a signal about the company’s view of its potential

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Meta, X, TikTok CEOs ripped by US senators over child online safety

'These companies must be reined in, or the worst is yet to come'

US stocks

This isn't your father's S&P 500. Don't worry about valuations

If the weighting of these companies continues to grow then the valuation expansion could have further room to run

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Threads to add US$8 billion to Meta annual revenue by 2025

Meta's stock has more than doubled this year

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Meta prepares more layoffs across Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram

The move is part of a cost-cutting push that will eventually eliminate 10,000 positions at the company, as announced in March.


Section 230 and the future of the internet

A more far-reaching amendment to govern the internet may have to wait until after the US presidential elections in 2024.