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More than meats the eye

SINGAPORE (Feb 7): The Raffles Hotel needs no introduction. After all, it can trace its beginnings all the way back to the late 1800s. Having just completed its renovations last August, it is unveiling the final piece in its F&B puzzle, so to speak, w

Food & Beverage

Brilliant Budou-Buta at Bedrock

You’ve heard of Kurobuta pork, now sink your teeth into Budou-buta pork at Bedrock Bar and Grill, where this special pork from ‘grape-fed’ pigs takes centre stage.

Japan's Internet maverick has a new global target: US$180 steaks

TOKYO (Oct 16): Japan’s corporate enfant terrible Takafumi Horie built one of the country’s most successful Internet businesses, stood for parliament, went to prison and started a space company that aims to put the country’s first privately funded