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Facebook ends Australia news blackout after law compromise - THE EDGE SINGAPORE


Facebook ends Australia news blackout after law compromise

Facebook Inc. backed down from its news blackout in Australia after the government agreed to amend world-first legislation forcing the tech giant and Google to pay local publishers for content.


Australia to hold talks with Facebook's Zuckerberg after block

Australia will hold talks with Facebook Inc.

Facebook blocks news in Australia in warning for the world - THE EDGE SINGAPORE


Facebook blocks news in Australia in warning for the world

Facebook Inc.’s decision to block news sharing on its Australian platform is an unprecedented show of force that escalates a legal standoff with the government and flashes a warning to regulators w

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Facebook faces advertising boycott, but valuations still compelling

SINGAPORE (July 9): Star Wars fans will be aware that the hero of the first trilogy, Luke Skywalker — or rather the actor that plays him — quit Facebook in January this year.

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Facebook’s growing ad exodus means more risks to revenue growth, puts stock price under further pressure

SINGAPORE (June 29): A growing list of Facebook Inc.’s advertisers is set to halt spending on social media, undermining the company’s sales outlook and putting its stock price under further pressur

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Mark Zuckerberg loses US$7 bil; shares fall 8.3% as firms boycott Facebook ads

SINGAPORE (June 29): Mark Zuckerberg became US$7.2 billion ($10.03 billion) poorer after a flurry of companies pulled advertising from Facebook Inc.’s network.


Facebook's Libra must be stopped

SINGAPORE (June 24): Facebook has just unveiled its latest bid for world domination: Libra, a cryptocurrency designed to function as private money anywhere on the planet.

Fake News

Singapore isn't waiting for Facebook to crack down on fake news

SINGAPORE (April 2): Singapore plans to introduce tough new laws to hold online outlets accountable for the spread of fake news, joining countries around the world in putting pressure on companies


Facebook discloses data-sharing deals with Chinese device makers

WASHINGTON (June 6): Facebook Inc.


Facebook surges after sending upbeat message to Wall Street

SAN FRANCISCO (Apr 27): Facebook Inc.’s message for investors is clear: the business is healthy and growing.