Top Glove working with US CPB towards 'speedy resolution' on detention order

Malaysian glove manufacturer Top Glove has said it is in “cordial and constructive engagement” with US Customs and Border Protection over a detention order placed on the gloves manufactured by two


Intel considers outsourcing manufacturing; heralds end of era for US chip sector

Intel Corp.’s decision to consider outsourcing manufacturing heralds the end of an era in which the company, and the US, dominated the semiconductor industry.

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MeGroup uses two 'engines' to capture bigger share of growing Malaysian car market

SINGAPORE (Feb 14): The automotive market in Malaysia has seen four consecutive years of growth since 2016, according to data from the Malaysian Automotive Association (MAA).


Winning in a bipolar world

The world economic order will undergo further change in this coming decade. How can investors stay ahead, and what should they avoid?

US-China trade war

Southeast Asian countries to win from the trade war in the medium term

SINGAPORE (Nov 4): Today, one in five manufactured goods globally comes from China — a great leap from its 3% contribution in 1996.


A gloomy world, but don’t forget the silver linings for Asean

SINGAPORE (Sept 30): Asean economies certainly face growing challenges in maintaining robust economic growth in the next year.

SE Asian economies

Signs of end to tech slump offer hope to Asia’s economies

(Aug 2): The worst may soon be over for an electronics slump that has dogged Asia’s export-driven economies.

Global Economy

China's responses have an impact on all investors

SINGAPORE (Jun 3): During the 19th century, China was a punching bag for Western powers.

US Economy

Nike, Adidas, call tariffs 'catastrophic' in open letter to Trump

NEW YORK (May 21): Nike Inc., Adidas AG and other footwear giants urged President Donald Trump to reconsider his tariffs on shoes made in China, saying the policy would be “catastrophic for our con

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