Manu Bhaskaran


We can look forward to a recovery in Asian trade

Despite a string of misfortunes on the global scene, Asian economies have held up reasonably well


What is the Impact of a Middle East conflict on our region?

The key channel of economic impact will be through energy prices; the greater danger is political


Look out for policy shifts in Asia

After almost two years of intense focus on the US Fed, the focus is likely to turn back to what domestic policy making


Our region learns to cope with big power contention

An acrimonious relationship between the US and China is not helpful to our region


America still the key driver for Asian economies

With all its flaws, the US is still an extraordinarily dynamic, innovative economy capable of flexibly adjusting to big changes

Singapore economy

As it turns 58, can Singapore rise to its challenges?

Singapore celebrates its National Day basically in good shape but somewhat bruised by several mishaps: Manu Bhaskaran.


Foreign investment: Trends looking good for India and Southeast Asia

The global investment environment is changing to benefit Southeast Asia and other emerging Asian markets such as India

Global Economy

China's economy will disappoint without bolder policy support

We think that the authorities are likely to veer to the cautious approach


Whether decoupling or derisking, there are big implications for Asia

Whether a country benefits or loses from the structural shifts induced by these geopolitical forces is not set in stone.

Global Economy

Supply chain reconfiguration set to accelerate, benefitting Southeast Asia

There will be big changes in supply chains in coming years