Singapore employees prefer to work with managers of the same age or older

SINGAPORE (Aug 1): A majority 79% of employees in Singapore prefer to work with managers who are of the same age or older than them, according to the latest Randstad Workmonitor.

Globally, seven in 10 employees prefer their direct managers to be their age or older. The sentiment is higher with 82% of respondents saying as such.

In a media release issued on Wednesday, Randstad says that this is reflection of a typical Asian culture where people tend to value status and seniority at the workplace over learnability and competence.

More Singapore workers worry about skill obsolescence rather than layoffs

SINGAPORE (May 4): Singapore’s workers, known for being highly skilled, are well aware and confident of their market power. So much that the majority of employees may not even think twice about jumping ship given the opportunity, should they be displeased with their current work situation in any way.

Based on recent job placement and trend data in the 2017 Kelly Services and Capita Salary Guide, a majority 74% of workers in Singapore believe their skill sets and experience allow them to compete effectively with other job seekers.

Which REIT managers are creating the most value for investors?

SINGAPORE (Jan 20): The external manager model adopted by most locally listed trusts is not common in more developed markets such as the US and Australia, and the managers of some successful REITs here have been able to make fortunes for themselves.

However, valuations that managers garner in a transaction, to the extent that they are known, vary widely.

Saizen REIT’s manager, for example, is being sold at a seemingly low price because it is not actually managing any assets.

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