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Singapore dollar at all-time high against ringgit on policy gap

The Singaporean dollar rose as high as 3.4826 versus the ringgit on Friday, Oct 20, 2023.
Singapore remains on US currency manipulation watchlist despite Vietnamese and Swiss reprieve - THE EDGE SINGAPORE


Singapore remains on US currency manipulation watchlist despite Vietnamese and Swiss reprieve

Thailand is perhaps under greater risk of scrutiny by the US than Singapore or Malaysia, says the CGS-CIMB team.


Malaysia's markets set for rebound, ex-CIMB chief Nazir says

(May 2): Malaysia’s stock market and currency are set for a rebound from their slump following the elections almost a year ago, said Nazir Razak, former chairman of Malaysia’s second-largest bank.

High savings rate a useful buffer

SINGAPORE (Oct 29): It does appear as though uncertainties, nerves and heightened volatility could become the new norm for financial markets globally. While specific geopolitical risks will ebb and flow, a widening trade spat between the US and China as

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Steep fall in ringgit last week on geopolitical and rate hike risks

SINGAPORE (Oct 3): The Malaysian ringgit fell the most in a week this year, with USD rising 0.5% against it to 4.2308, the most since December 2016.


Will ringgit continue to weaken in 2017?

KUALA LUMPUR (Jan 3): At 5pm on Dec 30, 2016, the ringgit traded at 4.4862 against the US dollar. Flashback to five years ago: On Dec 30, 2011, the ringgit stood at 3.1680 against the greenback, a 41.6% contrast.


Ringgit traders in limbo after Malaysia central bank move

SINGAPORE (Nov 28): Malaysia's attempts to force currency traders overseas to stop selling down the ringgit, as investors flee the country's bond market, has had little discernible impact so far, traders and analysts say.


Malaysia caught in currency ripples

SINGAPORE (Nov 21): Malaysia's central bank should be careful what it wishes for. Attempts to arrest the slump in the ringgit risk unintended consequences that may be worse than the volatility it's trying to quell.

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Asian currencies are crashing against the USD. Is it time to buy more USD or take profit?

SINGAPORE (Nov 18): When news first broke that Donald Trump would be the next president of the US, the US dollar (USD) plummeted against other major currencies such as the euro (EUR) and Japanese yen (JPY).


Here's why the ringgit is crashing

SINGAPORE (Nov 12): The Malaysian ringgit has been one of the worst performing currencies in Asia since Donald Trump won the recent US election. Having spoken to several economists, currency strategists and traders for their views, here are a couple of po