Ma Ming Zhang

Management & Corporate Governance

Irregularities uncovered in Midas' Dalian subsidiary implicate former top executives

SINGAPORE (June 20): Midas Holdings said it has uncovered up to nine cases of irregularities involving nearly RMB 1 billion ($210 million) its Dalian subsidiary in China.

Management & Corporate Governance

Midas finds more evidence of round-tripping and unauthorised bank accounts by China subsidiaries

SINGAPORE (June 14): The board of Midas Holdings has found what could be evidence of more corporate malfeasance among its China-based subsidiaries.

Management & Corporate Governance

CAD launches investigations into Midas

SINGAPORE (Apr 10): The Commercial Affairs Department (CAD) has begun its investigations into Midas Holdings.

Management & Corporate Governance

Midas audit committee lodges report with CAD over China ops; SGX RegCo looking into matter

SINGAPORE (Mar 29): Midas Holdings has lodged a police report with the Commercial Affairs Department of the Singapore Police Force.

Management & Corporate Governance

Midas says Jilin subsidiaries shrugged off instructions to remit funds

SINGAPORE (Mar 29): More trouble is brewing at Midas Holdings, the manufacturer of aluminium parts.

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