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Taking advantage of the low interest rate environment that is here to stay

The Fed has guided for rates to be near zero till 2022. Fed Fund rates after the Global Financial Crisis peaked at 2.27% (2017).


Should governments spend away?

Advanced economies have already spent enormous amounts providing Covid-19 pandemic relief to households and small- and medium-size businesses. The International Monetary Fund’s June outlook estimates that, including fiscal measures and credit guarantees

Global Markets

Is the financials sector priced for disruption?

SINGAPORE (July 25): Low interest rates are one reason why the financials sector is lowly valued, and the prospect of disruption may be another.

Singapore economy

‘Unnatural’ real interest rates demand Fed tightening: Fitch

SINGAPORE (April 19): Borrowers should brace themselves for a significant shift in the global interest rate environment in the next few years.

Low interest rates new norm for global economy: Nobel economist Paul Krugman

SINGAPORE (July 20): The world is headed for another decade of low inflation and even lower interest rates, says Nobel-winning economist Paul Krugman.