Development of Facebook's Libra expedited amid Covid-19

(June 12): Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, experts have warned that the virus could spread via physical money as the monetary notes and coins may carry viruses and up to 3,000 types of bacteria.


Tech Time

SINGAPORE (Dec 27): Here are the tech events that made the news this year.

Tesla Cybertruck launched


Bitcoin drops more than 10% as scrutiny of cryptocurrencies grows

SINGAPORE (July 22): Bitcoin slumped more than 10% last weekend to a two-week low as fears of a crackdown of cryptocurrencies grew on mounting scrutiny of Facebook’s planned Libra


MAS joins other regulators in giving Facebook’s Libra cool reception

SINGAPORE (July 1): The Monetary Authority of Singapore has raised questions about Facebook’s plan to launch its own digital currency, in particular about whose regulatory oversight it would fall u


MAS talks to Facebook over Libra

(June 27): The Monetary Authority of Singapore has held discussions with Facebook Inc.


Guardians of money bristle at Zuckerberg’s new financial order

(June 24): Facebook Inc was hours away from the formal announcement of its ambitious foray into financial services, but French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire was already broadcasting his disconten


Facebook's Libra might have a hard time in Asia

SINGAPORE (June 24): Facebook is launching a digital currency that can be used seamlessly on mobile phones at near-zero fees.


Facebook's Libra must be stopped

SINGAPORE (June 24): Facebook has just unveiled its latest bid for world domination: Libra, a cryptocurrency designed to function as private money anywhere on the planet.


Facebook reveals Libra cryptocurrency, with lofty goals

SAN FRANCISCO/NEW YORK (June 18): Facebook Inc revealed plans on Tuesday to launch a cryptocurrency called Libra, the latest development in its effort to expand beyond social networking and move in

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