Lei Jun

Xiaomi grapples with geopolitics and doubt on trading debut

BEIJING (Jul 9): It was hailed as the biggest and most important Chinese technology debut in years. Instead, Xiaomi Corp. begins life as a public company on the defensive, struggling to justify a lofty valuation while buffeted by a geopolitical storm beyond its control.

Will IPO 'Xiaomi' the money?

(May 21): In a darkened theatre with just a beam of spotlight, a man in black T-shirt, jeans and sneakers appears on stage to introduce a smartphone or some other shiny new gadget. You have probably seen the clips on TV or YouTube. As the camera closes up on him and the audience roars, you suddenly realise it is not Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple, but Lei Jun, the CEO and founder of Xiaomi — the maker of iPhone-lookalike cheap smartphones for the masses in China and India — unveiling the product.

Chinese smartphone billionaire is doubling Xiaomi's bet on India

Lei Jun

BANGALORE/SYDNEY (March 31): The worst may be over for Xiaomi Corp. 

The Chinese smartphone maker once compared with Apple Inc. has resumed growth and global revenue should surpass US$15 billion ($21 billion) this year as an expensive gamble on India pays off, billionaire co-founder Lei Jun said.

After spending US$500 million in the subcontinent since its debut two years ago, he pledged another investment of that size over the next three to five years.

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