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The world’s shrinking labour force

As the proportion of older people grows, we would expect to see a drag on price-to-earnings ratios and equity valuations

Singapore economy

Singapore hunts for global 'rainmakers' with new expat visa

"Salary is just one proxy," so one shouldn’t over-emphasize the $30,000 threshold for the ONE visa

Singapore economy

Singapore wants top foreign talent to avoid being left behind

A points-based system for allowing in expats is set to kick in next year.

Aviation & Engineering

Qantas head office staff haul luggage full-time to fight labour crunch

Applicants must be able to move suitcases weighing as much as 32 kilograms

Labour market

Resilience Budget a hit with businesses, according to SBF survey

Businesses say the government’s $48.4 billion Resilience Budget have been timely and impactful in helping to meet pressing concerns such as wage costs and cash flow issues, according to an online poll of some 380 participants conducted by the Singapore Bu

Covid-19 Resilience Budget

Singapore to spend $15.1 bil to support local workers, retain jobs

As the coronavirus outbreaks worsens, the government will now raise its co-funding of wages for local workers to 25%, with additional support given to the sectors that have been hit the hardest.

Budget 2020

Fewer foreign workers can be hired for construction, marine shipyard, process sectors: DPM Heng

“With our declining local labour force growth, foreign workers are a necessary complement, but we must calibrate the inflow carefully, in a way that creates opportunities for Singaporeans," says DPM Heng. #budget2020

US-China trade war

Southeast Asian countries to win from the trade war in the medium term

SINGAPORE (Nov 4): Today, one in five manufactured goods globally comes from China — a great leap from its 3% contribution in 1996. The rapid rise of China’s export engine, especially in manufacturing, and its ambition to produce the highly prized “

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SINGAPORE (Oct 28): “Closing the gaps requires both jobseekers and employers to be more open and flexible.” – Singapore’s Manpower Minister Josephine Teo, on the widening mismatch between job seekers and openings available