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The rise and fall and rise of Jeremy Hunt

Hunt is a head boy: a dutiful and responsible lad who gets on with the teachers and tries to bring order to the school.

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Truss dumps UK corporation tax freeze plan after firing ally

The humiliating reversal follows three weeks of market turmoil since Sept 23.
Kwarteng says Truss asked him to step down as UK chancellor - THE EDGE SINGAPORE

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Kwarteng says Truss asked him to step down as UK chancellor

The news comes after weeks of market turmoil triggered by the massive package of unfunded tax cuts he announced last month.

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Truss prepares for humiliating reversal on UK economic plan

News of the imminent U-turn came just as Kwarteng landed at London’s Heathrow airport.

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Liz Truss vs the Bank of England

The best way the government can stabilize the UK economy and fight inflation, however, is to reverse more of the planned tax cuts

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By not being a slave to ideology, Singapore roars back in business with sense and sensibility

Singapore's ideology is neither left, nor right, but by being pragmatic to the point of being boring.

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Truss says it was Kwarteng who decided to cut UK's top tax rate

Truss said her government should have “laid the ground better”

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Truss's libertarianism was never going to win over the UK

Being “right” or “ideologically pure” is not nearly enough