Karl Lagerfeld

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Fashionably well-read

Indulge in the industry with coffee table books that are as beautiful to look at as they are absorbing to read.
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Stylish partnerships

Man Ray’s photographs on display while Kenzo saves the tigers

Exhibition highlights

Photography and art

Supermodel Claudia Schiffer curates a 1990s fashion photography exhibition while Buckingham Palace’s art collection goes on display


Winners and Losers

The latest news on watch fairs; creative ways to stay home while Pirelli cancels its annual calendar
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Losing a fashion legend

With Karl Lagerfeld’s death, Chanel faces its biggest challenge since the demise of its founder.


How Chanel became a US$10 billion business under Karl Lagerfeld

(Feb 20): When Karl Lagerfeld began creating clothes for Chanel in 1983, he inherited 70 years of fashion legacy. Yet Chanel was struggling as it searched for a new identity after the death of its founder left a vast void.