Asiatravel partners Yaturu to introduce 'digital theatrical tours'

SINGAPORE (Mar 8): Holdings and its B2B division,, say they are bringing Hollywood theatrics to tourism by introducing “digital theatrical tours” to its customers in partnership with Yaturu 5800 Israel.

In a Thursday release, Asiatravel says it will be launching the world’s first digital theatrical tours in May 2018 starting with special group packages to Israel.

Tours are staged using augmented reality (AR) technology and scripted audio-dramas of the history of destinations along the tour itinerary chronologically.

SGX said to express interest in acquiring Tel Aviv Stock Exchange

SINGAPORE (Mar 1): The Singapore Exchange is said to be among a number of foreign stock exchanges to express an interest in acquiring a controlling share in Israel’s Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE).

Earlier this year, it was announced that TASE CEO Ben Zeev received authorisation from shareholders, who hold an aggregate 71.7% of the bourse, to mediate the sale of their shares to a third party.

Although the price has yet to be discussed or determined, TASE will only be allowed to benefit from up to NIS 500 million ($190 million) for its sale according to the law.

Trendlines teams up with Ozi Amanat as Startup SG Equity co-investors

SINGAPORE (Feb 8): Trendlines Medical Singapore, a subsidiary of Israeli company The Trendlines Group, is partnering Singapore-based investor Ozi Amanat’s venture capital firm, K2 Global, to collaborate in SPRING SEEDS Capital’s (SSC) $100 million investment allocation via the Startup SG Equity scheme.

Under the Startup SG Equity scheme, SSC supports early-stage startups across the technology and industry domain areas, and catalyses private-sector investments for startups via government equity co-investment.

Trendlines Medical makes maiden investment in medical device startup

SINGAPORE (Oct 16): Trendlines Medical Singapore, a 76.43%-owned subsidiary of Catalist-listed Israeli company The Trendlines Group, has made its first investment by committing a total of US$60,000 ($81,150) to a medical device start-up, InterVaal.

InterVaal is developing a urological catheter to address catheter associated urinary tract infection.

Trendlines says that its in-house innovation unit, Trendlines Labs, will work with InterVaal’s Singapore-based staff to develop the catheter and conduct clinical trials in Singapore.

Trendlines to collaborate with Haier subsidiary for opportunities in China, Israel

SINGAPORE (Sept 18): The Trendlines Group has signed a memorandum of understanding with Haier Group Corporation subsidiary Haier Hai Chuanghui Incubator and Ventures to collaborate in investment opportunities and technology development.

The companies will explore ways to collaborate in developing new technologies, solutions and products, as well as deal flow and investments.

In addition, Haier HCH will support Trendlines' portfolio companies in China, while Trendline will support Haier HCH’s entrepreneurs in Israel.

Sarine announces arrest of suspects in attempted theft of intellectual property

SINGAPORE (July 24): Sarine Technologies, the developer and manufacturer of precision technology products for the processing and trade of diamonds and gems, last night announced the arrest of two suspects in Tel Aviv for allegedly attempting to steal the group’s Sarine’s confidential Galaxysystem-related intellectual property.

Both suspects are relatives of Indian nationality and are residing in Israel.

One has been remanded into custody, while the other has been released. A third suspect remains at large.

Top Hamas commander reportedly in Malaysia following Qatar expulsion

SINGAPORE (June 6): Top Hamas commander Saleh al-Arouri is believed to be in Malaysia after being expelled from Qatar amid the kingdom’s fallout with Saudi Arabia and four other Arab states, according to reports from Israel.

Malaysia, which recognises the Palestinian statehood, was accused by Israel in 2014 of being a training ground for Hamas militants. Malaysian officials had then dismissed the charge as Israeli propaganda.

Could investing in this tech incubator become a trend?

Photo courtesy of Trendlines Group

SINGAPORE (May 23): CIMB Research has issued an unrated report on Trendlines Group as an “intensely hands-on technology” incubator based in Israel, and as a stock that is currently trading at a discount to its global peers.

In a Tuesday note, analysts Ngoh Yi Sin and William Tng highlight the incubator’s experienced management team and strong financial backing from Israel’s government, with the group further seeking to add another 8-10 companies to its existing portfolio of 46.  

G7 leaders expect Trump to make Paris accord decision this week

BERLIN/NEW YORK (May 23): World leaders expect President Donald Trump to announce this week whether the US will remain in the landmark Paris climate accord as they gather for the Group of Seven summit, Germany’s environment minister said.

Trump, who has derided global warming as a hoax, will state his decision after arriving Friday for the two-day meeting in Taormina, Italy, Germany’s environment minister Barbara Hendricks, said Monday.

Trendlines gains on approval for expansion in Israel

SINGAPORE (June 21): Shares of Trendlines Group were up as much as 3.2% at 19.5 cents after the Israel-focused technology incubation company received approval to start investing in agriculture technology firms in Israel.

The approval follows a request by Trendlines in March to expand the incubator licence of its Israel unit to include agriculture technology investments.

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