Aviation & Engineering

Boeing 737 crashes in Iran due to 'technical issue'

(Jan 8): A Boeing Co. 737 jet carrying 180 passengers and crew crashed in Iran due to technical problems shortly after takeoff, according to a local media report.

US-Iran tensions

Iran retaliates against US in rocket attack on 2 Iraqi bases

(Jan 8): Iran fired a series of rockets at two US-Iraqi airbases early Wednesday morning Baghdad time, the Pentagon said, in the first Iranian response to the killing of General Qassem Soleimani by


Gold eases from 6-year high as markets watch for Tehran's next move

(Jan 7): Gold fell from the highest level in more than six years as some appetite for risk crept back into financial markets that had been rattled by the sharp escalation of tensions between the US


Top Iranian commander killed in US airstrike on Trump orders

(Jan 3): A US airstrike in Iraq ordered by President Donald Trump killed one of Iran’s most powerful generals in a provocation that risks escalating a growing conflict with the Islamic Republic.

Crude Oil

Oil market gripped by uncertainty over lost Saudi production

(Sept 17): Oil markets are grappling with uncertainty over how long it will take Saudi Arabia to restore output after the devastating attacks that knocked out 5% of global crude supply.

Crude Oil

Oil prices soar 10% after attack on Saudi facilities hits global supply

SEOUL/NEW YORK (Sept 16): Oil prices retreated on Monday after hitting their highest since May at the open, on fears over supply disruptions following an attack on Saudi Arabia’s oil facilities on


Britain weighs response to Iran Gulf crisis with few good options

DUBAI/LONDON (July 22): Britain was weighing its next moves in the Gulf tanker crisis on Sunday, with few good options apparent as a recording emerged showing that the Iranian military defied a Bri


Trump puts sanctions on Iranian supreme leader, other top officials

WASHINGTON/RIYADH (June 25): US President Donald Trump targeted Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and other top Iranian officials with sanctions on Monday, taking a dramatic, unpreceden

Global Economy


SINGAPORE (June 24): “It seems Trafigura thinks they are smarter than the market when valuing securities.”Iceberg Research, headed by Arnaud Vagner, as it accuses Amsterdam-


Iran shoots down US military drone in Gulf region

DUBAI/WASHINGTON (June 20): Iran has shot down a US drone which the elite Revolutionary Guards said on Thursday was flying over southern Iran, raising fears that a major military confrontation coul