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Singapore investors take a ‘risk-off approach’ to investing in November: TD Ameritrade

Despite the low investment exposure, Singapore clients have been net buyers of equities, in contrast to the global client base.

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Eagle Hospitality Trust to sacrifice distributions for the 'preservation and protection' of portfolio

“Given the present developments, it would no longer be feasible or practicable for the managers and the REIT trustee to effect the payment of the distribution in part or at all at this juncture,” says EHT’s manager.

Global Economy

Profitability versus resiliency: Business choices in a post-pandemic world

While the Covid-19 outbreak popped up suddenly out of nowhere, the fragility of large firms has been growing for some time. Forty years of falling interest rates has made increasing corporate leverage too irresistible.

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Wall Street heavyweights are sounding alarm about stock prices

Legendary investors Stan Druckenmiller and David Tepper were the latest to weigh in after a historic market rebound, saying the risk-reward of holding shares is the worst they have encountered in years.

Investing strategies

Brokerages see surge in account openings as new investors take advantage of 'market reset'

"There are a few major stock-market cycles happening in one’s lifetime and one of them is unfolding now,” says OCBC’s head of equities business Alvin Tham. “There are huge trading opportunities and yet there are major pitfalls," he adds.

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How close are Bursa and SGX-listed companies to financial distress?

SINGAPORE (Apr 30): There is no question that the Covid19 pandemic and resulting restriction on movements will inflict significant economic pain on businesses on a global scale. Most government aid packages are currently focused on helping to tide small a

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No panic...but manic trading

As we have said before, we do see light at the end of the tunnel, but we would be remiss not to caution against being swept up by the current hysteria.


One of the world's best quant funds plunged 29% in March

Fortunately for Quantedge, 82% of its assets under management are committed for three or more years, meaning investors can’t withdraw on a whim and the money can continue to be invested.


Multi-asset allocation views: Embedding diversification in portfolios

Market pricing now implies a high degree of confidence that recession-like conditions will result across most major economies, but uncertainty remains over their depth and duration.

China Focus

Shanghai food for thought

Nestled within this flow of news are other sets of statistical information that point the way to investment opportunities outside of — but directly related to — China.