Provoking thought

Award-winning film-maker Boo Jun Feng is no stranger to tackling taboo issues. From a movie about the death penalty to one about AIDS and HIV, he wants to spur conversation, showcase the human experience and challenge long-held beliefs.

Work with us and Malaysia will win, AirAsia tells Malaysia Airports and Malaysian Aviation Commission

SINGAPORE (Sept 23):  AirAsia Group has long had a tumultuous relationship with its landlord, Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd (MAHB). Both companies have clashed in the past over issues related to klia2, ranging from its location, cost and facilities to delays in its completion.


As Disney leads way in global entertainment content, Cityneon aims to ride on its coat-tails

SINGAPORE (Jun 3): Avengers: Endgame may have smashed box-office records, but it disappointed some fans. One moviegoer was reported to have needed counselling because she was grief-stricken: Could Iron Man really be gone?

“It is pretty impossible Avengers: Endgame will be the end [of The Avengers]. Disney spent US$4.24 billion to buy Marvel Studios,” says Ron Tan, executive chairman and group CEO of Cityneon Holdings, which was privatised in January. Sequels, prequels and spin-offs are likely to continue, he indicates.


ATA.ONE offers cheap airfares to fill empty seats

SINGAPORE (May 20): From booking tickets to online checkins, mobile apps have been transforming the travel experience for airlines and passengers alike over the past decade or so.


CSE Global improves earnings, maintains shale focus; no joint projects with shareholder Serba Dinamik for now

SINGAPORE (April 22): When Malaysian engineering firm Serba Dinamik Holdings became the largest shareholder in systems integrator CSE Global last year, both parties talked about how they could work on projects together. One year on, no joint venture projects have been announced, as the companies are still trying to better understand each other’s capability.


Why in the world is Leica making watches?

Luxury marques attempting crossovers into the watchmaking world isn’t new. Think Hermes, Bulgari, and Van Cleef & Arpels – longstanding craft and jewellery houses who have, in recent decades, strove to carve their own niche in the notoriously insular watch business. While the aforementioned companies boast histories in the accessories trade which, by association, is a distant cousin of the horological industry, the move by renowned camera brand Leica to offer its own line of high-end watches in 2018 was an altogether more surprising affair.


Powered by imagination

Producing avant-garde horological machines such as the HM9 Flow involves a great degree of risk. While his audacious time-telling devices may divide critics, no one can ever accuse MB&F’s Maximilian Büsser of not daring to dream

SINGAPORE (Feb 25): His business card ought to read: Maximilian Büsser, Master Storyteller. Because the 52-year-old creator of Maximilian Büsser & Friends (MB&F) may just be the Swiss watch industry’s most captivating raconteur.


Magic by the Bay

SINGAPORE (Nov 26): A Christmas market held on Avenue des Champs-Elysées in Paris, France was known to draw some 15 million festive revellers annually. Romanticised as the most beautiful avenue in the world, this famed street would undergo a year-end transformation that further enhanced its allure with a dazzling display of holiday lights and decorations and traditional market stalls that, along with Christmas carollers, formed an experience commonly likened to fairy tales and magic.


Harvesting history

SINGAPORE (Nov 12): As a former science and mathematics teacher, Penfolds chief winemaker Peter Gago is acquainted with numbers as intimately as he is with the complexities of winemaking. From alcohol percentages to landmark years, not to mention the bin numbers often used in lieu of the full name of a Penfolds wine, he knows them all like he does the back of his hand.

A terrific eye

SINGAPORE (Oct 22): Singapore is playing host to its inaugural horror film festival, Scream Asia Film Festival, from Oct 19 to 28. And its curator, Eric Khoo, is the ideal man for the job. Khoo was in Malaysia recently to promote his latest project, a horror series named Folklore, which he created in partnership with cable television giant HBO Asia. The six-episode anthology features standalone stories helmed by directors from Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Japan and Thailand.


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