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How Temu turned PDD into China’s Internet king

For Gen Z users, Temu and parent PDD are not Alibaba or, their parent’s e-commerce sites
Safely advertising to youths - THE EDGE SINGAPORE


Safely advertising to youths

Digital native youths of today are open targets for unsolicited advertising on the Internet and gaming platforms.


Section 230 and the future of the internet

A more far-reaching amendment to govern the internet may have to wait until after the US presidential elections in 2024.
Tapping on technology to bridge the digital divide - THE EDGE SINGAPORE

Digital Economy

Tapping on technology to bridge the digital divide

Creating a world where digital technology enables human potential calls for technology and the right skills.

China Focus

China fines Didi $1.65 billion after wrapping year-long probe

The announcement signals that the worst may have passed for the company.


The World Wide Web's creator wants metaverse VR

Tim Berners-Lee also believes retooling the Internet’s most important functions is key for the future of functional democracy.
What is the metaverse? - THE EDGE SINGAPORE

Digital Economy

What is the metaverse?

Also, who are the metaverse players, and what are the challenges associated with the virtual world?


Paying for news and the end of 'free' internet

Paying for new and the end of 'free' internet.

Keep the geeks in charge of the internet

By enabling people and businesses to remain connected while under lockdown, the Internet has helped to prevent the global economy from collapsing entirely.

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DBS launches zero-cost business toolkit to attract high-growth startups

SINGAPORE (Nov 4): DBS Bank has rolled out a zero-cost business toolkit that comprises a suite of banking and professional services for high-growth startups in the software, Internet and emerging technology industries According to DBS, the  “DBS Sta