international relations


A diplomatic winter?

"I fear that the climate for peacemaking and diplomacy will not improve in 2023"

Iran to sign friendship agreement with Asean, Singapore says

SINGAPORE (July 20): Iran will sign a cooperation treaty with Southeast Asia at an upcoming meeting that will also be attended by US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo and North Korean officials, a Singaporean diplomat said.

Global Economy

Global businesses scramble to align with China’s world view

SYDNEY (Jan 17): Multinational businesses keen for a slice of the world’s fastest-growing consumer market are finding they have to increasingly conform to China’s world view if they want to stay in Beijing’s good graces.

Global Economy

Vietnam's PM wants to convince Trump to keep Obama-era trade ties

HANOI (May 30): Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has a tough task when he visits the White House this week: Convince President Donald Trump to advance trade ties that blossomed under the Obama administration.

Global Markets

Taiwan seeks stronger Asia ties to overcome reliance on China

TAIPEI (May 17): “Go west!” is the mantra Taiwanese companies lived by for the best part of three decades, turning China into their biggest trading partner. But with cross-strait relations at their worst in close to a decade, President Tsai Ing-wen is

Xi buys time with Trump as tensions loom over North Korea threat

HONG KONG (April 10): After predicting a “very difficult” encounter with Chinese President Xi Jinping, Donald Trump emerged from their first meeting hailing “an outstanding relationship” between chiefs of the world’s biggest economies.

Trump’s Xi summit tests his promise to win on trade, North Korea

WASHINGTON (April 7): President Donald Trump began his first-ever meeting with the leader of the world’s second-largest economy on Thursday, the country he blames for stealing millions of US jobs and enabling North Korea’s march toward a nuclear missi

Why Xi Jinping needs to tread carefully when he meets Trump

BEIJING (April 6): Nothing is supposed to go off script for President Xi Jinping in what is the equivalent of an election year in one-party China.