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IMF, World Bank say ready to address economic challenges of coronavirus

(Mar 3): The International Monetary Fund and the World Bank on Monday said they stood ready to help member countries address the human and economic challenges of the fast-spreading coronavirus outb


Limited liability is causing unlimited harm

(Feb 14): In a recent tweet, Olivier Blanchard – a former chief economist of the International Monetary Fund – wondered how we can “have so much political and geopolitical uncertainty and so little

Hong Kong protests

Hong Kong's finance chief pledges bold spending to boost growth

(Jan 10): Hong Kong’s government is preparing to spend “boldly” to shore up the finance hub’s tumbling economy, Financial Secretary Paul Chan said in an exclusive interview.

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Is economic winter coming?

(Nov 18): What could trigger a recession in the US? In the past, a tightening labour market after a period of expansion served as an early warning sign.

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Global economy set to deliver upside surprise

SINGAPORE (Nov 11): A quick scan of the headlines shows continued pessimism about the world economy.

China Focus

Chinese whispers in the wind

SINGAPORE (Nov 4): Making investment decisions can be difficult at any time, particularly when including internationally listed companies.


IMF cuts growth forecast but MAS expects recovery; Kimly buys canteens

SINGAPORE (Oct 28): The International Monetary Fund has slashed its 2019 growth prediction for Singapore to 0.5%, down from its July estimate of 2%.

Singapore economy

IMF cuts Singapore's 2019 growth forecast to 0.5%

SINGAPORE (Oct 23): The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has slashed its 2019 growth prediction for Singapore to 0.5%, down from its previous estimate of 2% in July.

Global Markets

Market observers aren't panicking just yet despite increasing risks to global economy, says DBS

SINGAPORE (Oct 21): Despite a deteriorating global economic outlook, market observers are not panicking yet owing to the possibility that growth could still find support from several drivers.

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We are one mistake away from a global recession

SINGAPORE (Oct 18): Here is the silver lining to slowing world growth: We are a long way from 2009, when the global economy contracted.

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