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IMF upgrades 2021 global GDP forecast to 6% - THE EDGE SINGAPORE

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IMF upgrades 2021 global GDP forecast to 6%

The International Monetary Fund has raised its 2021 global GDP growth forecast to 6%, up from an estimate of 5.5% made in January.

Currency Crisis

Argentina gets US$57 bil as IMF doubles down on record bailout

(Sept 27): Argentina won a promise of extra cash and faster delivery from the International Monetary Fund, which expanded a record bailout to help the country defend its currency and pull the econo

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US moves forward on proposed US$200 bil China tariff list

WASHINGTON (July 11): The Trump administration pushed ahead with plans to impose tariffs on additional US$200 billion ($272 billion) in Chinese products by releasing a list of targets, marking a sh

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China’s central bank chief warns of high corporate debt

NEW YORK/HONG KONG (Oct 16): People’s Bank of China Governor Zhou Xiaochuan warned that Chinese companies have taken on too much debt, and argued for less financial leverage as well as fiscal refor


What it means when the Renminbi officially joins IMF’s SDR basket tomorrow

SINGAPORE (Sept 30): China’s renminbi will become a major international currency tomorrow, when it officially becomes the fifth currency to enter the International Monetary Fund’s Special Drawing R

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China's export machine is grabbing more of the global market

BEIJING (Sept 7): Brushing off rising wages, a shrinking workforce and intensifying competition from lower cost nations from Vietnam to Mexico, China’s global export share climbed to 14.6 percent l