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Banks cut interest rates further on savings accounts in 2021 - THE EDGE SINGAPORE

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Banks cut interest rates further on savings accounts in 2021

The latest round of rate revisions was made largely due to the US Federal Reserve’s policy stance of keeping rates low.

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Decline in interest rates not necessarily beneficial for Singapore's stock market

While a decline in interest rates is generally seen as good for stocks, the benefits of Singapore’s slide toward negative territory are far from certain.

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When pondering how much worse, Asia stock traders think 2008

he Federal Reserve’s move to slash its key interest rate by a full percentage point to near zero over the weekend failed to stem declines, while containment and stimulus measures announced by several countries elicited a similar reaction.

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Analysts not surprised by Fed's rate cut

SINGAPORE (Nov 4): On Oct 30, the US Federal Reserve announced its third interest rate cut this year, a move that was not unexpected.

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Opportunities for fixed income assets amid robust US economy, says Nikko AM

SINGAPORE (Oct 10): Despite the unresolved US-China trade conflict and declining global growth, Andre Severino says the US economy is still robust and will likely remain so for longer.

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Japan lines up to join Germany in all-negative yield curve club

(Aug 23): Japan’s sovereign debt market is in danger of joining Germany with negative bond yields across all maturities.