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AEM offers to buy CEI at $1.15 per share - THE EDGE SINGAPORE


AEM offers to buy CEI at $1.15 per share

AEM Holdings, which is on a roll riding the up-cycle of the semiconductor industry, is offering to privatise circuit board maker CEI at $1.15 per share, valuing the target at $99.7 million.

Intel Outside in a new world order for chips - THE EDGE SINGAPORE


Intel Outside in a new world order for chips

Last month, tech giant Apple introduced new MacBook laptops that use its own silicon, or chips, designed in-house, replacing those run on Intel Corp microprocessor

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Analysts more bullish on AEM after stellar 1H20 results, raise TP

AEM Holdings’ stellar results in 1H FY20 have led analysts to become more bullish on the stock by raising their respective target prices for the semiconductor system level test and handling solutio

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Heavy is the head that wears the crown

Being a global powerhouse will bring TSMC more scrutiny, much of it unwanted, from both clients and regulators.

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Robust outlook, limited Covid-19 disruptions for semiconductor stocks: Maybank

SINGAPORE (May 19): Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, semiconductor and equipment companies have been deemed “critical” in many countries. 


AEM says record sales forecast for 1HFY2020 intact on buoyant demand

SINGAPORE (Apr 30): The prolonged Covid-19 outbreak has hurt vast swathes of the economy and even for those sectors not directly affected by the global lockdown, they are bracing for some form of d

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