$1,379 – that's how much an elderly person needs to survive in the world's most expensive city

SINGAPORE (May 22): Just how much does a single, elderly person aged over 65 years who lives alone in Singapore need to cover his basic needs?


The economy cannot function without giving and goodwill

SINGAPORE (May 20): As a French citizen, I was deeply affected by the fire at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, and was happy and surprised that many people contributed generously to its reconstructio

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Battling eight giants with basic income

SINGAPORE (Jan 28): In 1942, British economist and social reformer William Beveridge issued an epoch-defining report that established a model for welfare states in the post-war era.

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Is Singapore's meritocracy producing 'perverse' outcomes such as elitism?

SINGAPORE (Nov 2): Conversations about the so-called elite class and elitist attitudes in Singapore have been bubbling for some time.

Life in Hong Kong getting harder as inequality goes through the roof

HONG KONG / LONDON (June 14): Mrs Lau can’t help but glance nervously at the calendar.


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