Disruption and Digitalisation

Musk launches Starlink in Indonesia, eyes future investment

Jokowi, who had earlier been slated to attend the Starlink inauguration in Bali, was not in attendance.


Prabowo must go for new thinking

Prabowo can choose which of attributes to weave together into an exquisite batik


Indonesia under new management: Where is it heading?

The new president will have to step up the pace of reforms


Widjaja family's consortium seeks private credit for mine deal

Golden Energy is no stranger to the private credit market.


Prabowo's Indonesia and the Great Powers

These are interesting times for an ancient country which is re-creating its modern potential


Are the risks really so bad for the Asean region?

Asean region has a lot going for it but there certainly are risks, which we must not downplay


Ahead of Indonesia's Feb 14 elections, OCBC sees 'no clear candidate' to continue Jokowi's policies

Jokowi has adopted many longer-term priorities that the incoming chief must follow through in order to yield “substantive results”
Prabowo's Indonesia? - THE EDGE SINGAPORE


Prabowo's Indonesia?

Today’s Indonesia wants to be liked. Consider this transition as an exercise in soft power

Oil & Gas

RH Petrogas commences drilling of new exploration well

The company had plugged two other exploration wells late last year

Environmental, Social and Governance

Restoring trust in global leadership

The global economy, which has yet to bounce back fully from the pandemic, faces a new risk: proliferating geopolitical conflicts