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Should we fear a trade war?

Asean needs to go well beyond the AEC
China slowdown means contrasting fortunes for Asia's exporters - THE EDGE SINGAPORE

Global Economy

China slowdown means contrasting fortunes for Asia's exporters

"All of this shows what we already knew, that China’s demand for goods overseas -- its imports -- are very weak."

US-China trade war

Xi Says China will focus on imports, further lower tariffs

(Nov 5): President Xi Jinping said China would focus more on imports and further lower tariffs in his first opportunity to address global investors since the world’s two largest economies resumed trade talks in September.

US-China trade war

Trump says he'll decide on China tariffs after G-20

WASHINGTON (June 7): President Donald Trump said he’ll decide whether to enact tariffs on another $325 billion ($443.4 million) in Chinese imports after the Group of 20 summit at the end of the month in Japan, where he’s expected to meet with China’

China Focus

Xi to counter Trump blow for blow in unwanted trade war

BEIJING (June 18): The first punches in a trade fight that China doesn’t want have been thrown, and now Xi Jinping is poised to match Donald Trump blow for blow.

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Trump makes first big trade move with tariffs aimed at Asia

WASHINGTON/NEWYORK (Jan 23): President Donald Trump slapped tariffs on imported solar panels and washing machines, his first major trade move after repeated threats to crack down on what he sees as unfair foreign competition.

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Vietnam's PM wants to convince Trump to keep Obama-era trade ties

HANOI (May 30): Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has a tough task when he visits the White House this week: Convince President Donald Trump to advance trade ties that blossomed under the Obama administration.

Global Markets

Western shoppers are fueling a revival for made-in-Asia goods

HONG KONG / NEW DELHI (May 9): Sanjay Janghala walks across a humming factory floor as 400 employees of Orient Craft Ltd. stitch together women’s blouses and embroidered dresses.

Global Economy

The strange case of Korea and Taiwan's diverging export fortunes

SYDNEY (March 28): South Korean workers' wages are rising faster than those of regional rivals, and the power of the nation's sprawling conglomerates, or chaebols, remains unchecked, highlighting a lack of serious economic reform. Yet manufacturi

Trump has nothing on Asia should he decide to wage a trade war. Here’s why

SINGAPORE (March 7): Since his entry into the Oval Office, Donald Trump seems to have cooled quite a bit in comparison to the feisty promises and threats he made during the US presidential campaign and his first month in office.