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Japfa ships 23,000 live chickens from Bintan to Singapore

Malaysia's ban of chicken exports lasted between May and Oct 2022.

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Emerging Asia hit by biggest foreign investor exodus since 2008

BANGKOK (June 18): A falling tide lowers all boats, it seems. Amid an exodus from emerging markets, investors are pulling out of even Asian economies with solid prospects for growth and debt financing.


Del Monte Pacific posts 3Q loss of US$38.4 mil on one-off expenses from new US tax rates

SINGAPORE (Mar 8): Del Monte Pacific (DMPL) announced a 3Q18 loss of US$38.4 million ($50.5 million) due to one-off expenses, mainly due to a US$39.8 million write-off of deferred tax assets in the US, due to the change in US Federal income tax rate from

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War on washing machines may have an early casualty in Singapore

(Jan 24): US President Donald Trump’s attack on washing machine imports may end up putting the dollar through the spin-cycle.

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Brazil hails victory as China, Chile and Egypt lift meat ban

(March 27): Brazil’s under-fire meat industry received a major boost as China, Chile and Egypt began lifting restrictions on imports from the Latin American country.