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Domestic-oriented activities to give Singapore economy greater boost in 2018, says HSBC

SINGAPORE (Dec 18): HSBC Global Research says Singapore’s domestic economy could improve, even as GDP growth is forecast to ease to 2.7% in 2018, from the 3.3% expected in 2017.

Top regional stocks to watch as transport infrastructure spending shifts up a gear

SINGAPORE (June 23): With the Asean-5 looking to improve their global competitiveness in the years ahead, HSBC Global Research is anticipating a regional shift in spending from power and telecoms,

Global Markets

How emerging Asian economies are deviating from advanced market trends

SINGAPORE (June 5): Market trends of the East and West appear to be diverging from each other given how emerging Asia is not benefitting much from the industrial upswing seen by advanced markets, a

Investing strategy

Asia at risk amid US protectionist rhetoric

SINGAPORE (Jan 9): HSBC Global Research on Monday says that trade – the cornerstone of Asia’s economy – is poised to take a tumble with growing protectionist sentiment, especially in the US.

Investing strategy

Politics is now dominant driver for currency markets, watch it closely

SINGAPORE (Nov 17): Currencies used to be influenced by a number of different factors, political, structural and cyclical.  However, HSBC FX Strategy now believes the dominant driver is politics.

Done with mourning Trump’s victory? Now, turn to Asian equity markets

SINGAPORE (Nov 9): While the setbacks of a possible Donald Trump presidency have been oft discussed among economists and analysts, few have actually expected the Republican to achieve a clean sweep

Rise of digital natives could change everything for global economies

SINGAPORE (Sept 26): A five-fold increase in the number of digital natives in the world by 2030 will have vast implications for growth, inflation and policy, according to HSBC Global Research.


Will MAS change course this October?

SINGAPORE (Sept 22): HSBC Global Research says the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) is unlikely to change its policy during its review in October, despite the deteriorating numbers in non-oil

Commodities heading for supply correction: HSBC

SINGAPORE (Sept 15): HSBC Global Research expects commodity prices to continue its uptrend but at a more modest rate due to a retrenchment of supply and pullback in investment.

Asian equities improving but watch for new risks emerging

SINGAPORE (Sept 15): Risk to Asian equities from earnings is falling, with consensus estimates looking at 2.1% earnings growth after the latest reporting season, compared to 1.9% previously.

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