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Central banks find that a tool to curb bubbles is doing the job

SINGAPORE (Dec 4): Central bankers are starting to see promising results from one of the recent additions to their monetary policy toolbox.

Lending curbs to stem financial risk -- so-called macroprudential limits -- have helped slow risky borrowing and temper property price bubbles in countries from New Zealand to Canada, a host of financial stability reports showed this week. While there hasn’t been uniform success -- Hong Kong’s housing market shows no signs of cooling -- it’s given central banks some breathing space to be more gradual in tightening monetary policy.

4 charts that say still too early to get excited about Singapore's economic rebound

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(June 9): Singapore’s economy may be picking up, but consumers aren’t feeling it. 

Singapore is only Asean country to have stable banking outlook as risks rise

SINGAPORE (Oct 6): Asean banks are facing slower GDP growth, a weaker operating environment and increasing downside risks – but most should have adequate loss-absorption buffers to support their current ratings, says Fitch Ratings.

In a Wednesday statement, Fitch notes that the operating environment for banks across much of Asean has become more challenging over the last couple of years, which  could potentially expose vulnerabilities created in Asean’s banking systems during the years of rapid credit growth that followed the 2008 global financial crisis.

4 Asian countries with room left to raise household spending: HSBC

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SINGAPORE (June 17): While consumer debt-to-GDP ratios have climbed over the years for most countries in Asia, HSBC says there is “still some room left to raise household debt, and fuel consumption” in some.

“Over the last few years, household credit has increased especially sharply in Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, Korea, Hong Kong, and China,” say HSBC economist Frederic Neumann and economics associate Abanti Bhaumik in a Friday report.

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