Hong Kong Exchanges & Clearing (HKEX)

SGX faces threat from HKEX China share move

(Mar 12): Moves by Hong Kong’s stock exchange to start trading derivatives contracts based on Chinese-listed shares pose a new competitive threat to rival Singapore Exchange.

Hong Kong Exchanges & Clearing announced on Monday it signed an agreement with index provider MSCI to start trading Chinese equity futures, laying the groundwork for another avenue through which global investors can hedge exposure to China’s US$7 trillion (US$ 9.5 trillion) stock market. The HKEX plans are subject to regulatory approval.

SEHK eyes new trading rules to make market more competitive

(Jan 9): Hong Kong Exchanges & Clearing is considering rule changes aimed at increasing trading, according to Chief Executive Officer Charles Li.

Rebates to market makers, simplified rules for using collateral across multiple positions, and the removal or reduction of stamp duty charges are among measures being considered, Li said in an interview. Some of the changes will require approval from the securities regulator or government, he said.

Hong Kong vs Singapore; who will win the iron ore wars?

(Nov 13): Call it the iron ore wars. Two of Asia’s financial heavyweights are going head-to-head as Hong Kong Exchanges & Clearing starts futures for a commodity that’s seen extraordinary volatility and been a popular way to bet on China, challenging Singapore Exchange’s leading position.

Investors wave red flags at Hong Kong dual-class shares plan

(Aug 23): Hong Kong Exchanges & Clearing is having trouble winning over money managers to its plans for dual-class shares in the world’s fourth-largest stock market.

The Council of Institutional Investors, Hong Kong Investment Funds Association and Asian Corporate Governance Association have all come out against HKEX’s plans, as has Norges Bank Investment Management, the world’s biggest sovereign wealth fund.

Rivals Singapore and Hong Kong fight to snag the hottest IPOs

SINGAPORE (Feb 17): Hong Kong and Singapore are at it again. The Asian financial hub rivals are reviving a debate on dual-class shares as global competition for the hottest initial public offerings intensifies.

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Be informed of the stories that matter