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Hong Kong runs out of toilet paper as shortage rumours spark panic buying

(Feb 6): Hong Kong has been struggling with a shortage of face masks to protect against the coronavirus outbreak. Now it could be facing a run on toilet paper.


Will Alibaba's Hong Kong listing end in tears?

SINGAPORE (Nov 25): Farmers have prospered by making hay while the sun shines. Alibaba Group Holding, the e-commerce giant, is following suit. Its Hong Kong listing on Nov 19 is impeccably timed.


When affluent cities face a crisis of social mobility and grievances over inequality

SINGAPORE (Nov 4): Three of the world’s more affluent cities have erupted in protests and unrest this year.

Hong Kong protests

Hong Kong in the balance

SINGAPORE (Oct 7): Hong Kong has long played an integral role in Asian and global economic development.

Hong Kong protests

Hong Kong in the balance

(Sept 30): Hong Kong has long played an integral role in Asian and global economic development.


Hong Kong property stock dive not enticing enough for Eastspring

(Sept 18): Even after a plunge in Hong Kong property shares following months of protests in the city, Eastspring Investments says some of the biggest stocks in the sector remain unappealing because

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Betting on Hong Kong remaining a key financial centre

SINGAPORE (Sept 16): On Sept 4, as I watched my shares in Hongkong Land Holdings bounce strongly, it occurred to me that I could be accused of being invested in the people of the f

Singapore tourism

Singapore hotels see best month in years amid Hong Kong turmoil

SINGAPORE (Sept 3): Singapore’s hotel occupancy rates have climbed to their highest in over a decade as travelers and business events switched from Hong Kong, where pro-democracy protests have slam

Hong Kong protests

Hong Kong police ban mass weekend protest march, organiser says

(Aug 29): Hong Kong police banned a protest set for Saturday by the organiser of previous historic mass marches, the group said, in a move that could anger protesters ahead of a planned 13th straig


Hong Kong rents set to fall as protests curb housing demand

(Aug 22): Hong Kong housing rents are set to decline as anti-government protests continue to rock the city.

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