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Court caps expenses for Hin Leong's Lim family at $10,000 a week

Under the asset freeze, the Lims are not allowed to dispose of assets that include their properties in Singapore and Australia.

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Lim Oon Kuin appeals US$20 mil court order

The appeal was made this month after the Lims paid the sum to Ocean Tankers Pte. Ltd.

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High Court approves request to freeze US$3.5 bil of assets of Hin Leong's Lim family

Lim Oon Kuin and his family will be asked by lawyers to disclose their assets to the court in the next few days.

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Jurong Port completes purchase of Lim family's stake in Universal Terminal

A port spokesman said Jurong Port had completed the purchase of a 41% stake in Universal Terminal.
Hin Leong

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Singapore court approves winding up of oil trader Hin Leong: sources

The decision marks the end of what was once one of Asia’s top oil traders.

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Hin Leong founder OK Lim sells one third of ships to repay debt

It is expected the rest of the ships will be sold by late this year.

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HSBC sues OK Lim and family, and Hin Leong employee to recover US$85.3 mil

The suit, which was filed on Oct 21 in the High Court, makes HSBC the first bank to take legal action against the Lims.

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Standard Chartered hit by bad loans including Hin Leong

Hin Leong and the other exposures only represent some of the highest-profile loans that could cause trouble for banks as pressures from the pandemic ripple through the financial system.


Oil trader Hin Leong set to hand over management from founding family to PwC

Hin Leong Trading (Pte) Ltd., saddled with almost $4 billion in debt, plans to shift management of the company away from its founding family to the accounting firm while preparing to withdraw an application for court protection from creditors, according t