high net worth individuals (HNWI)

Asset management

More alternative investment opportunities for ultra-rich Asian clients

Banks everywhere are competing to win over the ultra-rich in Asia.

Succession planning

Navigating the evolving needs of Asia's affluent

Singapore has the second highest rate of growth when it comes to HWNIs in 2020.
With 150 years of history, Sun Life protects your wealth through the centuries  - THE EDGE SINGAPORE

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With 150 years of history, Sun Life protects your wealth through the centuries

Winston Churchill even used Sun Life's vaults in Montreal to safeguard C$5 billion in securities for Britain's war effort.

Global Economy

Asia's wealthiest families remain 'uncertain' of Asian region. Here's why

Their caution comes even as Asian economies begin to bounce back, led by China and India, and as the region’s stocks rally.

Succession planning

90% of Singapore high net worth individuals rely on insurance to for wealth and legacy planning, according to AIA and EY

The report conducted customer research across four regions: Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore. Some 39% of the respondents surveyed were professionals, and 61% were entrepreneurs and family-inherited HNWIs.

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Former banker founded Charismatic Capital to offer stock loan financing to underserved companies

Stock loans are nothing new. This form of financing requires borrowers to put up shares as collateral in exchange for a loan. However, the global financial crisis (GFC) in 2008 changed all of that.


JPMorgan offers alternative strategy fund to protect capital amid Covid-19 pandemic

Seeking attractive returns from traditional equity and fixed in­come strategies can be challeng­ing amid the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. Market volatility could easily wipe out the gains made, or worse still, erode capita

Asset management

HNWI wealth falls after 7 straight years of growth: Capgemini

SINGAPORE (July 10): Overall global high net worth individual (HNWI) wealth dropped by 3% or US$2 trillion ($2.7 trillion) in 2018 after seven consecutive years of growth, according to the World Wealth Report (WWR) published on July 9 by Capgemini.

Rich Chinese hot on heels of US$7.7 tril Japan wealth pool

(Nov 29): Japan’s rich have the largest accumulation of wealth in the Asia-Pacific region, at US$7.7 trillion ($10.6 trillion), but the legions of Chinese millionaires are rushing to catch up.