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Hedge funds 'throwing in towel' on stocks as rally forces unwind

For stock-picking hedge funds coping with 2023’s loopy markets, risks are starting to outweigh the rewards.

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Singapore chips away at Hong Kong's hedge fund dominance

"Singapore has different strengths"


Citadel Securities, hedge fund Citadel to open new office in Singapore

Chicago-based hedge fund Citadel and Citadel Securities will open a new office in Singapore.


Coronavirus woes hits Asia-based hedge funds as investors stay away

(Feb 14): Asia-based hedge funds are bracing for a lean quarter of capital raising as the spread of the coronavirus leads to the postponement and cancellation of key events that have historically drawn Western investors to the region.

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World's biggest hedge fund returns are found in tiny Singapore

SINGAPORE (Dec 16): On most mornings, Chong Chin Eai starts his day with a jog through Singapore’s Botanic Gardens. After taking his son to school, he trades futures on his laptop at home until it’s time for lunch, after which he might have a massage


The world's best-performing hedge fund is up 278% this year

(Aug 27): Three years ago, Chong Chin Eai watched Donald Trump’s shock election victory roil markets. His months-old Vanda Global Fund, founded with US$24 million ($33.3 million) from friends and family, was down more than 50%. At his nadir, Chong consi

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From Fitbits to Rokus, hedge funds mine data for consumer habits

NEW YORK (July 24): When it comes to gaining that elusive trading edge, data is fast becoming the new frontier whether it comes from Fitbits, Rokus and Teslas or employment websites like Glassdoor.com.

Quant on quant: picking winners in the era of machine investing

(June 5): The burgeoning field of computer-driven investing has grown so large and complex that a Singapore family office has decided you need a quant to find the right quants.
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Oil at US$40 no problem as US drillers snub OPEC with hedges

CHICAGO/HOUSTON (March 16): OPEC’s worst enemy isn’t US shale drillers. It’s the hedges propping them up.
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Investors see oil break out of narrow range with record bets

NEW YORK (Feb 28): Oil has been bound to the tightest price range in more than a decade, and yet hedge funds have never been so confident it will eventually rally.