For your mental wellbeing

Audio books for your child, walks by the water will do you good and eat more probiotics to alleviate depression 


Eat Your Greens

More vitamin K and a good night’s sleep might make you feel better the next day


Staying safe

SINGAPORE (May 29): All the health and wellness news you need to help you navigate these uncertain times.

Keep your distance


Bringing mind, body and soul together

SINGAPORE (May 22): Never has there been a time when mind, body and soul is in need of so much care and attention.


Stay fit as pollution drops

Five-minute workouts work just as well and air quality has improved during lockdown


Fighting the Virus

SINGAPORE (Apr 30): An app to monitor your blood pressure, a cleaning robot, and coping with the extended circuit breaker measures. 


Screen time ruins social skills, or does it?

Evidence shows that screen time does not affect your child’s social skills, and loss of smell and loss of taste are strong Covid-19 symptoms


Spinning around

Options tries out indoor cycling. Our verdict? It’s wheelie good.       

East meets west

SINGAPORE (Nov 5): In the first half of the 20th century, a German named Joseph Pilates developed an exercise regime to strengthen the mind and body.

Special Feature

Tested and proven

SINGAPORE (Nov 5): It is not uncommon to chance upon giant billboards, TV and radio commercials and sponsored events with hair treatment clinics promising a lustrous head of hair,

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